Frequently Asked Questions

We are a non-profit organisation run by a voluntary committee with support from our members and their families. We are always in need of new committee members. From each new committee member, we gain new ideas and a fresh look into what can be improved. We are a group of parents working together to benefit our children.

The committee hires a part-time Toy Librarian who works every Saturday and supports members to chose toys and assists with hiring.

You can hire up to 8 toys per visit per family.

The hire period is two weeks, however you can renew toys online, or contact us to renew them for up to another two weeks.

Firstly, please let the Toy Librarian know so we can organise it to be fixed or order a new part. We understand things can happen and will work with you to find a solution if it is serious.

Absolutely – in fact it’s one of the added benefits of the Petone Toy Library. All our larger toys are displayed in the adjourning hall every Saturday and we encourage families to stay and play for awhile before selecting the toys they would like to hire for the fortnight.

You can sign up online – or come down to the Petone Toy Library every Saturday between 9am-12pm and have a look. Our librarian will have sign up forms available at her desk.

We ask members to clean their toys upon returning them to the Toy Library. However we appreciate this is a step often missed, so the Toy Library provides sanitizing wipes for every toy to be wiped down before they’re put away. Please make sure you do this to protect us all.